Deadpool Movie Review

Year of Release: 2016

Genre: Superhero

Length: 108 minutes

Main Cast: Ryan Reynolds

Morena Baccarin

Ed Skrein

Directed by: Tim Miller

Distributed by: Marvel Comics



The superhero genre has a cesspool of morally righteous characters who’s heroes live a rich and lavish lifestyle and are 100% committed to saving the world from impending evil. Some of the movies with this premise are good and some are bad. If there were a place in the Marvel catalogue for the character of Deadpool he would make himself known by breaking that conventional mold with his sharp tongue and rapier wit. In a superhero movie that has not moved into new territory since The Incredibles, Deadpool (played by Ryan Reynolds) is a movie that works through unrelenting bawdy humour that is interweaved in throughout several close combat action sequences.


Deadpool’s identity is Wade Wilson, a man who is a mercenary. Wilson meets the love of his life Vanessa Carlysle (Morena Baccarin) and after a year together Wilson gets diagnosed with cancer. Wilson is given an opportunity to cure his terminal cancer but with the cost of intense physical pain and skin disfigurement. Deadpool is on a quest to find the only man who can cure his disfigurement. That man is the same person who gave him his powers and is also his enemy. He is played by actor Ed Skrein whose real name is Francis (and his cover name is Ajax).


Deadpool’s character has an energetic and playful personality that differs from other superheroes. It only takes a look at the opening credits of the movie to understand what Deadpool is all about: A smart-mouthed bastard full of wit and dick jokes who also loves to play with his food before he eats it. To put it in other words: an entertaining and hilarious S.O.B. The opening scene where Deadpool flicks chewing gum onto the camera screen only to casually wipe it off the lens is the start of the fourth wall breaking that is abundant in order to let us in on the joke. The character is also funny in his self-awareness as well as there’s jokes in this film about Ryan Reynolds said by Deadpool (who may I remind you is played by Ryan Reynolds). You can just tell that the writers had so much fun scripting this film.


There are a couple of minor things that were wrong in this film however they are relatively minor and they don’t damage the movie but they are noticeable such as the love story between Vanessa Carlysle and Wade Wilson characters. The love story was really good in terms of its development and how it fits the Deadpool character and gives him humanity. It also gives Deadpool a motive to keep fighting. The only thing I have a problem with is it felt rushed but you get what you needed to know. It was like they made a 30-minute story and condensed it into a 20 minute one. The actual love story is actually entertaining enough for viewers as the characters Vanessa Carlysle and Wade Wilson are believable in their bizarre way and the actors have good chemistry together. So overall we go with it but I’d wonder where it would have gone had they been given more time.


Overall I liked this film because of how well developed the Deadpool character is and how he breathes new life in the superhero genre. We don’t see him as arrogant due to his unrelenting jokes but because of his self-awareness, vulnerability and knowledge of what is right and wrong we support him and engage in his actions and juvenile antics. ****


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