Ride Along 2 Movie Review

Genre: action comedy

Year: 2016

Rating: M

Runtime: 101 minutes

Main Cast: Kevin Hart

Ice Cube

Directed by: Tim Story

Distributed By: Universal Pictures

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWfmmwdCHTg


Written by Nelson Cumming

This is a movie. There is really not much more to say. I’ll try my best to write to my normal sized length but this will be short because there was nothing in Ride Along 2 that was great or terrible. It is not like How To Be Single where there were lots of good and not-so-good ideas to discuss. This film just came and went. This film is completely forgettable. If someone posted his or her entire review in the form of a tweet I would not say that review had lacked depth, the movie did. Ride Along 2 is full of clichés in the buddy-cop genre with one-dimensional characters and a lousy script. Maybe if you have nothing better to do on a Sunday afternoon it is watchable but Ride Along 2 is not a must see.


Kevin Hart plays newly certified cop Ben Barber who is out to prove to himself that he is a good, successful cop. Ice Cube plays an experienced police officer James Payton and is Kevin Hart’s partner. Together they try and stop a shipment of drugs entering Miami while hunting down the drug lords responsible. This is a pretty simple setup. At least the story was not convoluted. There’s a positive. Kevin James tries his best with unfunny dialogue and is good at slapstick. There’s another positive. Both cops have good chemistry with each other despite the face Ice Cube’s character is emotionally detached most of the time. I wish I could find something else good about this movie but (In Cletus’ voice from The Simpson’s Movie) “I can’t, I-I simply can’t”


In terms of buddy cop action movie clichés a comment on Rotten Tomatoes described it perfectly. He said, “Ride Along 2 is everything I expected, it was not everything I wanted”. Any cliché you’d expect from Ride Along 2 happens. I have a checklist of some (but not all) the clichés I noticed in the film so SPOILER ALERT in in order.


  1. Every bullet always misses the protagonist but nearly every bullet fired by the protagonist hits its desired target.
  2. The head of the police department fires the lovable pair of cops from their jobs for doing something stupid.
  3. The dim-witted partner will be the one that always stuffs up a sting operation by his own incompetence.
  4. The crook will be running away from the cops into various housing backyards and the first road the crook runs across will have the officers’ police car right in front of him.
  5. The disguise the dumb cop used to blend into the villain’s late night party will stick out like a sore thumb. END OF SPOILERS


I did not even include the clichés from action sequences and boy there were a lot!


Also the script does not offer much in terms of funny and interesting dialogue. But boy does Kevin Hart tries hard and I applaud him for that. I guess I can also thank Kevin Hart for he is not the African American motor mouth that I believed he was from the Celebrity Roast with Justin Bieber. He toned it down a little for this film. At least he can do the slapstick comedy parts well. Ice Cube can be funny (See 21 and 22 Jump St for example) but is given no real opportunity to be in this script. The only opportunity he can try to be funny is insulting his partner for doing dumb things.


As I said from the beginning nothing in this movie is terribly bad. It’s just very little is good either. I have never seen the original Ride Along but I heard from other critics that Ride Along 2 is a copy-paste job of the original. So if you are into car chases and comedy from a buddy cop film it is for you and you can watch it but don’t expect the unexpected. The film is just as original as it’s title for a sequel *1/4


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