Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

Rating: PG
Length: 151 Minutes
Main Cast: Ben Affleck
Henry Carvell
Jessie Eisenberg
Amy Adams
Holly Hunter
Main Production Company: DC Entertainment
Written By: Chris Terrio, David S. Goyer
Directed By: Zack Snyder

Written by Nelson Cumming

Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice needlessly pants, wheezes, and heaves along before it hurls itself over the finish line completely exhausted and out of breath by the time the credits roll and the curtain calls: At 151 minutes. When I walked out, I was admittedly confused others were miffed, but we all shared the same disappointment. There many, many movies that are worse than this one. The main reason I was disappointed was because of the large gap in quality between the expected product and the actual product. I can tell you that I am not the only one that shared this view.

This film is so uneven that I had to look at the plot on Wikipedia to understand what was going on. Batman (Ben Affleck) finds a weapons dealer selling Kryptonite to Lex Luthor (Jessie Eisenberg) and plans to try and steal the Kryptonite, weaponise it and defeat Superman (whom Batman believes is a threat to peace). Funny thing is, Superman (Henry Carvell) thinks Batman is a threat to peace too! (dun, dun, dun!) and the main antagonist Luthor has his own plans to destroy both Superman and Batman.

I am not sure if I am the only one here, but it was unclear to me the reasons Batman and Superman hated each other in the first place. I also wondered why some of the side plots even existed. Scene after scene, this movie goes from one character to another without connecting the dots together to make a coherent narrative. There is a scene near the beginning when Kryptonite was discovered in the ocean, the Kryptonite is then not seen for about half an hour as the movie cuts away to a scene with Superman, another scene with Lois Lane and the third scene with Batman. By the time I saw the Kryptonite again, I nearly forgot about its existence. This was how the whole movie played out.

Batman v Superman needed better writers and better editors. Too many scenes were redundantly made (shame on the writer) and those scenes were kept in and were chopped around instead of flowing seamlessly (even more shame on the editor) There is a subplot which involves lots of politics with tons of soapbox political dialogue that could have been cut out. That is 30 minutes off right there! Now all you have to do is put the remaining scenes in the correct order and you have a half-decent movie that people can leave the cinema saying “It was ok, not that great, but it is a movie you can spend an hour and forty minutes on”

Even then I am not exactly sure people would say that due to the classic Hollywood storytelling convention this movie used (twice). It is called The Dream Sequence, where “it was all a dream”. Yes, Batman has nightmares about Superman kicking his ass twice. To say that I hate a dream sequence would be an understatement and yet they had the courage to do that twice to the audience. As soon as I saw the second dream sequence, I stopped writing and smacked my fist into the palm of my hand in frustration.

What was even worse is the actual movie title is misleading. Batman and Superman fight for only five minutes only for them to stop fighting through because of a silly little plot device. Let’s just say that the stars aligned for Superman when his mother shared the same name as Batman’s mother. The rest of the film is Batman and Superman vs. Lex Luthor which goes for 30-40 minutes.

There were some awesome action scenes, great music by Henry Carvell and decent acting from the cast. This is what helps make the movie watchable. At the end of the day, the movie had a very high benchmark it had to live up to, made even higher with its marketing campaign. I was expecting at least 4 and a half star quality movie. Unfortunately, the movie falls 500 miles off the mark. It is so mundanely average **


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