Captain America: Civil War Review

Genre: Superhero
Year: 2016
Rating: M
Length: 147 Minutes
Main Cast: Chris Evans
Robert Downey Jr.
Scarlett Johansson
Sebastian Stan
Production Company: Marvel
Written By: Christopher Markus
Stephen McFeely
Directed By: Anthony Russo
Joe Russo



Written By Nelson Cumming

Captain America: Civil War may please the casual fan of superhero movies to one degree, for devotees of the Marvel Universe it may please them further still. Even though “Captain America: Civil War” is 2 and a half hours long, you would be hard pressed to find a time where they wasted a minute of it. As a recent writer of movie reviews, there is always an appreciation for movies that have many characters that work well together, action sequences that you want to see more of and plot points that make sense to every character motivations. To balance all those elements is an art. As a casual fan, I like the overall execution of Captain America: Civil War and as for devotees, they may get more out of their superheroes if they have been following them all the way.

“Captain America” revolves around a dissension among the ranks story. When the heroic actions of the Avengers damage to innocent civilians (collaterally) there is a political movement that allows the United Nations to control the actions of all superheroes including the Avengers. This political movement divides all of the Avengers. Captain America (Chris Evans) is the leader of the superheroes who want total freedom to stop crime while Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) is the leader of superheroes who believe that they can be more effective if regulated by the United Nations. There is also someone who intend to destroy the Avengers through disinformation and deceit.

There were two action sequences that made me love the movie for very different reasons. One was because it was fun and engaging and the other was because it symbolized the struggle and the pain the superheroes went through that made me buy the whole story. For the fun action sequence, it did feel to me that the action was going on forever, but the thing is that I never wanted it to end. It is the action scene that pays tribute to Star Wars. The other action sequence is a triple-threat match that evokes the apex of a downward spiral of decent. This sounds broad I know, but I am doing my best to accurately reference scenes to people who have seen it while avoiding spoilers for people who want to see it.

An aspect I both loved and hated was the use of high frequent cutting on many of the action sequences. It was good because the editing was great as it mostly felt smooth and fast-paced. It looked intense and professionally made. The downside to this was the action was so fast that my brain struggled to keep up with the images. Maybe it is because I am slow sometimes or the fact I was sleepy tired after a long day of travel, but my eyes and brain hurt! Thankfully, it was only for short periods of time, but it slightly hurt the viewing experience for me.

There are only two things I will say about the story. 1. It was rather engaging and 2. I liked how the story developed and how key scenes convincingly changed the behaviors and motives of the main characters in an entertaining way. You have to give credit to the actors for that.

Captain America: Civil War was a nice action film to see. It may be even better if you have seen other movies from the Marvel universe. From my limited knowledge, I have heard people understand more of the movie and sympathize more with the characters if they saw movies like the Iron Man and Captain America series. Despite not being a diehard fan, it worked for me as well. I think it falls short of the top echelon of superhero movies, but not by much. In saying that, I think it is better than Deadpool as a whole. That is saying something. ****1/2

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