Mothers Day Review

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Year: 2016
Rating: PG
Length: 118 Minutes
Main Cast: Jennifer Aniston
Kate Hudson
Julia Roberts
Jason Sudeikis
Main Production Company: Capacity Pictures
Directed By: Garry Marshall

Written By Nelson Cumming
“Mothers Day” is one of the rare movies where just describing what I had seen is enough to make you cringe. Not a single thing was funny. Not only that but there was some racism in it which was made worse by the stupid stereotypes that were portrayed that try to justify the racism. “Mothers Day” also tries to force you to gain sympathy through overdone sad generic character stories about abandonment issues and the grieving process of a mother’s death. None of this heavy themes work because they are so forced and flippant about it that I rolled my eyes whenever those stories were mentioned. Coupled with ridiculous levels of product placement, cheesy predictable “coming together” moments and jokes that are so dumb and unfunny is what makes “Mothers Day” so terrible to watch.

The “story” like other movies with large casts involves separate little stories that overarch into one main story. It is basically about how people are sad about upcoming mothers day for various reasons and how they solve all their problems by finally meeting in a hospital. Yes, a hospital, perfect for “Mothers Day”. I could go into the specific stories but I am not going to bother because it will take too long and the filmmakers did not care about what they made. If the movie does not care about its audience why should I?

One of the problems with lots of stories is the movie feels fragmented all the time. Director Gary Marshall is not Paul Thomas Anderson. Anderson got 6 or 7 seven little stories and interweaved them seamlessly in a very powerful 180-minute drama called “Magnolia” that dealt not only with the consequences of immoral actions but how those that were hurt took their final moral justice. Marshall made a two-hour romantic comedy and trivialized the subject matter of motherhood in a story so fragmented you’d forget what some of the stories are if you were not reminded of them. Yet there are some stories in “Mother’s Day” that you’d remember for all the wrong reasons.

“Mothers Day” has the annoying tendency to try and attain audience sympathy through cheap cliche tactics that soap operas like to use. An example includes how one of the families can’t get through the grieving process of their mother who died in a war which is conveyed by little girls crying on the mother’s tombstone and the husband lying on the couch nostalgically looking at a pre-recoded tape of his wife on the TV screen. It does not work because she is never really seen in the whole movie. If I can’t see or know the mother, how can I be attached to the mother in any way and how her loss hurts the family? I wrote in my notes “They really shove this mothers day theme down our throats with vapid bullshit sentimentality” That is a perfect summation of the movie.

If you are Indian I will guarantee you will be offended by this movie. There are racist remarks said by redneck racists and homophobes and you see and Indian drinking alcohol while showing the brand of alcohol in a terrible use of product placement. None of this was funny. As I mentioned before, you have to be smarter and smarter to be more and more tasteless. It can be done with great results, however, the worse the subject matter the harder they fall if not executed to comedic effect.

So I believe that “Mother’s Day” was a cynical attempt to appeal only to the lowest common denominator of middle-aged mothers that like sitting through unfunny sequences, racial stereotyping and dramatic soap-opera in one scattershot mess. I was the only man that was sane enough to leave the cinemas as the outtakes were going on before the lights went up. I just couldn’t stay through that. It is up to you whether or not you thought I was the only smart one or the only dumb one. -*

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