The Angry Birds Movie Movie Review

Rating: G
Genre: Animated Adventure Comedy
Runtime: 97 Minutes
Cast: Jason Sudeikis,
Josh Gad,
Danny McBride,
Bill Hader
Production Company: Rovio Entertainment
Written By: Jon Vitti
Directed By: Fergil Reilly, Clay Kaytis



Written By Nelson Cumming

“Angry Birds” is a movie that knows it’s target demographic damn well (the kiddies!). This movie commits nearly 100% of its humor, narrative, animation and action towards them. Despite me not being a part of the target market, I can say there was not a time where I was notably frustrated as a lot of the movie made sense (Story, dialogue, and animation). However, Angry Birds is not a memorable film as any moral element of the story plays second fiddle to the action and the comedy. That said, Angry Birds is far away from being classed as a bad movie. Angry Birds ultimately succeeds in being fun and forgettable.

The story of Angry Birds revolves around Red who is a bird who is barely tolerated by his community. After an angry incident involving a birthday cake and some unhappy parents, Red has to go to anger management classes. Even though Red doesn’t want to change his life, he meets some friends there. Chuck, a hyperactive yellow bird, and Bomb, a large bird that explodes (literally) when he is angry are Red’s two friends. Red’s life is turned upside down when green pigs invade the island. Red with his comrades tries to find out their motives before it is too late.

From the very first scene, I knew little kids would like it. It is Red in the middle of a three-minute Tarzan-like adventure montage as he transverses through the terrain of the natural environment. It was bright, beautifully animated and had slapstick comedy that kids would enjoy. The filmmakers from the get-go throw many, many things that happen to Red that drive him from placid cynicism to full blown anger and they did it in a way to get kids to enjoy the journey of Red’s decent. The majority of the movie was like that. Those aspects were entertaining.

The movie’s general weaknesses were the lack of character depth and the constant pandering to the game. Directors Fergal Riley and Clay Kaytis decided to play it safe by using all of the supporting characters merely as instrumental tools to progress the plot or to play a part in the comedy instead of adding any depth to them. This tactic works sometimes, but not all the time. The other problem they plug the Angry Birds product into the movie to such a level that I was drawn out of the movie, thinking it was an advertisement (It is one scene, in particular, you will know it when you see it).

Overall I have to say that Angry Birds was not a bad movie. However, Angry Birds was far from being a great movie. Angry Birds does not offer any emotional depth nor does it really entertain the adults nearly as much as the kids. When they do try to subtly place adult humor it does not work. Overall, Angry birds entertain in its visual storytelling, action, and the childish humor. It is a pretty good forgettable family movie that the kids will enjoy and the parents will enjoy because their kids are happy and entertained seeing it. ***

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