Views on the News #1 Finding Dory, Lesbians in Movies, and Money, Money, Money

Written by Nelson Cumming


Finding Dory has had a trailer for awhile now. I have not seen it, nor to I see trailers in general (which I may discuss in the future) but from what I know, they happen to hint that there is a lesbian couple in the movie. I look at all the comments about this and it’s ridiculous. So ridiculous that I laugh on the inside. Here are what most of comments  sound like:

“Ah the LGBT groups are brainwashing our kids to see lesbian couples in movies”

“The LGBT groups are brainwashing Pixar to put lesbian couples in movies”

“The times are changing and Pixar is changing to reflect that”

It does not matter what side of the fence you are on in terms of homosexuality being morally right or wrong or if homosexuals choose to be gay or not. As soon as you pick a side and interpret it as what Pixar was going for, you have been misguided on what is going on. What I cannot believe about all of these comments is that people found this to be shocking and the other thing is people believing that there is a sincere attempt for Pixar to “change with the times” by being more contemporary by hinting at a lesbian couple.

The movie industry (especially in Hollywood), does not sincerely care about your opinions on moral issues, movie characters, or movies in general. They care about how they can part with your money. Plain and simple. The only reason you get the movie industry to care is if a vast majority people boycott seeing movies or if there is a huge untapped market that could bring them bags and bags of money.

My evidence: Over one hundred years of cinematic history.

As soon as moving pictures were made long enough to sustain a feature-length story (and not even then)  people have wanted to make money off it. How people did this was to reflect with the viewpoints of people in society. If enough people shared a viewpoint, there was money to be made. I can take you back to 1915 with The Birth of a Nation where white actors are in blackface, the Ku Klux Klan are the heroes and black people are depicted as stupid. The result: $100,000 budget and $50-100 million at the box office. Why? because despite the fact many people tried to boycott it and the civil war ended over 50 years ago at that time, lots white people still had racial views on white superiority . There was money to be made depicting those racial themes at the time.

How is this relevant to the supposed lesbian couple in Finding Dory? Well even though homosexuality was seen as accepted by society since the late eighties and early nineties, I would argue that being homosexual and transgender was not celebrated with open arms until about five years ago with the rise of social media, the growing popularity of blogging and the rising popularity of reality television. These are platforms, mediums and shows that more and more people view. News stories have reflected the changing view set of homosexuality with more news reports of the Marty Gras and the legalization of gay marriage. Celebrity gossip exploits this most of all.

If it is true that Pixar has portrayed these characters as lesbians, I can guarantee you they had this thought “What is popular with people nowadays and how can we make a story out of it?” Pixar are not dumb. They know how to market to people and they know how to be creative and engaging enough to not only sustain demand but to build it, making consumers wanting more (they’ve got a friend in me for sure).

The movie industry, like any other business, will only depict homosexuality if it is accepted in society. They care about their viewers only so they don’t lose them. What the movie industry’s views are about the depictions of homosexuality does not matter at all. Thier responsibility is to give what the people want if it makes enough money to make a profit and to keep the macroeconomic machine chugging along.

P.S. I would like to see Finding Dory because Pixar has a twenty-year history of greatness and not because there are rumors of a lesbian couple in it. I have also liked movies even if they depict something I don’t agree with and I still consider myself sane for having seen them.

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