Office Christmas​ Party Movie Review


Written by Nelson Cumming

I just wasted my time watching Office Christmas Party. It was nearly two hours of vacuous unfunny material. Needless to say, this review will be pretty short.

The plot is essentially the film title. Zenotek, a software company, try to secure a multi-million dollar account by throwing a massive office Christmas party to persuade the owner of the account to invest in the Zenotek company.

The problem with Office Christmas Party are the gags are either too contemporary (Uber and Gone Girl references) or so cliched, old and archaic like sticking your bum on a photocopier. What’s worse is that barely any of the gags are funny.

Office Christmas Party is not good at all but it’s not bad enough to hate. It just exists in the material form of film as proof it exists. I have to finish now because I am forgetting scenes already *

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