Who will (Probably) win the Academy Awards

Disclaimer: I wrote this before the ceremony. I thought the awards ceremony was on at a later time. This is just to give you context on what I have written. Sorry you cannot bet anymore as they are probably void by multiple betting angencies. 

Written by Nelson Cumming

After nearly months of campaigning to the voters and the many awards ceremonies, we finally come the most viewed awards show of the year: The 89th Academy Award Ceremony.

If you have an office pool in the workplace and want bragging rights (and some easy cash) then I am here to help guide you in the right direction by separating the nominees and the winners of the golden statue.

I will be highlighting the odds for each contender and also my view on who I think SHOULD win (This does not mean I think they WILL win) With that sorted, let’s get into big five awards that are given out.

Best Picture: La La Land $1.17

Image result for la la land poster

The Lead Up: La La Land has a commanding lead for Best Picture. In the run-up, La La Land has also won Best Picture at the Goldern Globes, The AACTAS, and the Critics Choice Awards.

According to Sportsbet, this movie is pretty likely to win considering that you would only make an extra 17 cents per dollar you bet. You would have to put in 6 dollars to win an extra dollar.

The Other Runners: Second place is Moonlight with 1/5 odds (only 20% chance to win) followed by Manchester by the Sea and Hidden Figures at 1/26 chance of winning. I would not bother with Arrival, Hacksaw Ridge or Hell of High Water as they are 1/101. Maybe put a buck on each of them for a chance to win 101 dollars

Who I want to win: I also want La La Land to win Best Picture. That movie was magic to me and was my favorite out of all the films that were nominated. Hacksaw Ridge is a close second to me followed by Moonlight which was my third favorite.

Best Actor: Casey Affleck for Manchester by the Sea $1.67


The Lead Up: Casey Affleck has just pipped ahead of the other actors but it is not a sealed deal. Denzel Washington is going at $2.10 for Best Actor, so it will be a race for the finish line. Affleck has won the hearts of various critics with his performance in Manchester by The Sea winning multiple critic circle awards across America. But Affleck needs to win the hearts of his fellow peers in the film industry to win the Academy Award.

The Other Runners: Gosling for La La Land is at $12.00 and Viggo Mortensen for Captain Fantastic is the long shot at $81.00

Who I want to win: I sort-of wanted the award to go to Andrew Garfield in Hacksaw Ridge, but my gut tells me he has got a breakthrough performance in himself and Hacksaw Ridge was not it. I felt like something was missing in his performance and I cannot put my finger on it. I have not seen Fences and so I would have to give the award to Affleck for Manchester by the Sea.

Best Actress: Emma Stone for La La Land $1.17

Image result for emma stone la la land

The Lead Up: Emma Stone is the outright favorite for this Best Actress category. Even though she was only nominated for best actress at nearly all the critic circle awards, she has won the BAFTA and the Goldern Globes for her performance which is more in line with Academy Awards selectors. The actress that has been winning the various critic awards is Natalie Portman for Jackie. She is the second most-likely winner at $6.00.

The Other Runners: Isabelle Huppert for Elle stands at $9.00, Ruth Negga for Loving is at $34.00 and Meryl Streep for Florance Foster Jenkins is at $101.00

Who I want to win: I don’t know. I have only seen Emma Stone’s performance, so I cannot judge this category.

Best Supporting Actor: Mahershala Ali for Moonlight $1.12

ali in moonlight.PNG

The Lead Up: Mahershala Ali is actually a supporting actor for Hidden Figures as well, but I agree that Moonlight is his best performance of the two. Just watching him in the trailer is heartwarming let alone the watching him in the movie.

The Other Runners: Dev Patel in Lion is second at $6.00 (even though I think he was the leading actor) and Jeff Bridges and Michael Shannon are at $13.00 (Even though I believe Bridges is a lead actor too)

Who I Want to Win: I have to give it to Michael Shannon for Nocturnal Animals. I was just mesmerized by his performance and thought he was the best in the sea of great actors in Nocturnal Animals. Ali comes a close second.

Best Supporting Actress: Viola Davis $1.02


The Lead Up: To make one dollar on this girl, I have to bet 50 bucks. That is how certain the bookies are of Viola Davis winning. I have not seen Fences but I watched the trailer and understood why she was nominated. Davis has won more than 30 major awards for her role in Fences.

The other Runners: Michelle Williams for Manchester by the Sea is in at $17.00. Naomi Harris for Moonlight is at $26.00. Nicole Kidman for Lion is at $34.00 and Octavia Spencer for Hidden Figures is at $51.00.

Who I want to win: I would prefer Harris’ performance as a drug-addled mother in Moonlight. Her performance is the only one I have seen from the nominees that add to the performance throughout. Her performance helps dictate the emotional impact that the lead actors play throughout Moonlight. Granted, I have not seen Viola Davis’ performance but I have seen all the other nominees performances.

I hope this was more insightful not only to get rich off betting, but also more detailed in some of my opinions of these acclaimed movies. Armed with this information, you should win from your office pool 🙂

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