The Negative Star in Me


Oh, negative star, where art thou?


I have updated the star ratings of Dirty Grandpa and Mothers Day. There is a reason why. When I started my blog, I said the star rating system will range from 5 stars to minus five stars. To get a negative star rating you have to really piss me off to such an extent that I leave the cinema feeling like crap. Boring me to death is not enough. I wanted negative star reviews to be rare but not one-film-in-seven-months rare.

No Wiggle Room 😦

Dirty Grandpa was one of the first movies that I ever reviewed. I was so disgusted and defeated by the horrific and endless acts of pure shock value. I gave it minus one star because I thought I would have to endure worse films throughout the year. Over fifty movies and seven months later I realized there was only one movie even came close to it which was Mothers Day and there was very little room for a negative star review because it would have to be as bad as Dirty Grandpa.

I have Made Wiggle Room 🙂

So I did something I swore I would never do: Change the star ratings of my reviews. I have only done it on those two movies that I have mentioned. Every other movie rating will stay the same. I just know you guys love it when I hate a movie (and I personally love writing about them, not seeing them.) I just gave Dirty Grandpa and Mothers Day worse star ratings so there is more wiggle room for movies to make it into negative star territory.

Don’t get me wrong, it will still be difficult for a movie to get a minus star rating (even Gods of Egypt didn’t make it) but at least there is a 3% chance of that happening instead of 1% chance. Most importantly, I miss the negative star gimmick, it’s so fun and I think it is a great way to show how much I hate a movie. It was an emotional release just to type “-*” again. I am a sad masochistic man 🙂


It sounds like I desire anger, what I actually desire is a release from anger