Who Killed Captain Alex? Bizzarly Works

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I am reviewing something quite odd. When I first heard about, and saw snippets of, Who Killed Captain Alex? words couldn’t describe it but I had to watch it. It is like Cool Runnings and The Gods Must Be Crazy on acid.

Is Who Killed Captain Alex? flawed in its storytelling, sequential editing, music selection, special effects, convincing dialogue, cinematography, and acting? Well yes but if you’re given the context about the making of the movie, Who Killed Captain Alex? brings a whole new perspective. Most of the cinematic errors are forgivable in my eyes due to the context on how the film was made.

The Context and the Plot

The production budget

The Context: Here is how dedicated the director was in making Who Killed Captain Alex? This movie was made in Uganda where the director sold everything he owned for a camera so he could film. The director also made his own computer so he could edit. The entire production budget was 200 dollars and all the actors were just excited to be in a movie and did it for free.

Who Killed Captain Alex? is not for everyone. I can understand that, but this is unbelievably crazy. It’s so crazy that it works. The reason it works is that, given the context of the making of this film, it captures the spirit of filmmaking and it commits to its crazy cinematic style. This is the film that xXx: The Return of Xander Cage wishes it could be.

The plot: Captain Alex is a soldier who was hired by the government to kill the drug cartel group The Tiger Marfia. Unfortunately during one of his raids Captain Alex is killed. It is now up to captain Alex’s brother called Bruce U (Uganda’s Bruce Lee) to defeat the Tiger Marfia and end the mayhem once and for all.

Who Killed Captain Alex? and the Enormous Effort

There is a narrator throughout the movie called the video joker. His role, from what I was hearing, was to say things that were completely random (and funny) in his Ugandan voice. During action scenes, the video joker said things like “Supa Fighter” and “Movie! Movie! Movie!”, it’s like Deadpool without the wit while retaining the humor. He constantly breaks the fourth wall left right and center. It works. It actually freaking works. I was stunned.

The Actors: How they try so hard.

Bruce U.PNG
I think all of the male actors know karate and it surprisingly half decent.

I remember in high school how there were people who were in their first production. They tried so hard because they were not offered a drama course. Who Killed Captain Alex? reminded me of that moment. They were trying so hard to be great that I am giving them points based on that principle. As I have said. This movie works because it reeks in the spirit of a joy in filmmaking.

Some of the actors are alethetic in their fighting sequences. I believe that Jackie Chan could take some of these actors under his wing with his stunt crew. There is a training montage with Bruce U, that reminded me of the training montage of The Karate Kid (the 1980’s version). I saw effort in that guy. It wasn’t smooth, but the energy from his performance shows and because of that it’s admirable that he tried.

When I finished Who Killed Captain Alex? I knew I watched something special. Nor great, but special. It was incompetent filmmaking mixed with ambition and the result is something oddly charming and magical ***1/4